Hello, I’m Jade

I was born and raised in a city where thousands of years of different cultures had accumulated. I graduated as an architect and worked in numerous projects. After marriage my passion for Hand Crafts and Decoration encouraged me to start my own business. I opened two shops, specializing in hand made ceramic, wooden, metal decorative items, hand woven fabrics. I had my own ceramic workshop producing unique chamotte objects. After moving to Canada, beside renovation projects, my creative side urged me to follow my heart and enjoy painting, creating wearable accessories, soap making. Recently I fell in love with wet felting and started kneading my accumulated artistic skills on to silk fabric.

Product Showcase

Different types of art I create

I enjoy working on a variety of art forms including but not limited to:


I use wet felting and needle felting tecniques to create unique felt products


I use pouring techniques to create my design


I am using natural organic soap kosar certificated